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When you purchased your windows from Regency, you essentially received two warranties: one for labor/service and one for the actual product. Because your windows were installed by Regency, they provided you the labor/service warranty, which has expired because they are now out of business.

On the other hand, the warranty for your windows was provided by the manufacturer of the windows, and may still be valid. All but one of the manufacturers Regency used remain in business and will continue to honor your product warranty.

Below you will find a list of the known manufacturers Regency used, along with their contact information and the status of their respective warranties. A valid product warranty means the manufacturer will supply replacement parts to rectify an issue (according to the terms of their warranty) but will not provide the required services to complete the service.

For those who require service, follow these easy steps:

  • Locate the manufacturer of your windows (located on warranty or your Regency contract)

  • Contact the manufacturer to request the necessary service parts

  • Once those parts have been received you can:

          a. Install the parts yourself
          b. Contact a local handyman
          c. Contact the preferred service vendor we have partnered with

Note: There will be a charge to perform the required service and that fee will not be covered under your manufacturer's warranty

It is very unfortunate when an established local business ceases its operation, causing potential hardships for its customers. Because Regency was a supplier of custom windows and not a manufacturer, most of its customers will still have a valid product warranty. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the help desk at 330-963-4077.

Window Company Matrix

In order to locate the manufacturer of your windows/doors:

  1. Refer to your contract

  2. Refer to the warranty provided at time of install

  3. Locate the manufacturers info on the window which is located on a sticker usually placed under the inside portion of the top of the frame

Siding Company Matrix